Three insects that damage your wooden furniture

Infestation is always a possibility in your home, regardless of where you live. Bugs can always appear out of nowhere until they become an issue. Wood damaging insects can be a big problem for most homeowners. They can be harmless, but they can cause damage to your wooden furniture. 

It’s important to treat these insects if you ever see them in your home because if you left them untreated, they could create severe damage to your furniture as well as to your home structure.

We put together three common insects that can damage wooden furniture.


Termites are well-known wood damaging insects. Even when you see only a handful of them in your property, you need to be concerned about them. If you don’t prevent their infestation, they can cause up to hundreds of dollars of damage in your wooden items. There are three types of termites that you should know.

  • Drywood termites – loves to infest dry and softwood
  • Dampwood termites – love decaying and moist wood
  • Subterranean termite – commonly the suspect of damaging your home’s structure and other furnishings

Termites are harder to detect compared to other types of insects. By the time you notice them, it’s already too late. They already infested your furniture or your property.

The best thing to do to keep termites away and prevent infestation is by placing a chemical barrier or monitoring system. Moisture is also an invitation to termites, so make sure that your furniture is moisture-free. One thing you can do is by placing your wooden furniture under the heat of the sun so that moisture will evaporate and existing termites will be terminated. If you see termites in your home, it’s better to call a pest control Northbridge right away.

Carpenter Ants

These types of insects are not eating wood, but their jaws are very strong, and they can hollow out solid wood to make their nests. They got their name from their nest building. They are more of a headache than a destroyer. They can dig a hole or tunnel in decayed or damp wood in order to build their colony. Carpenters ants tend to nest on wooden doors or windows. Also, if you have furniture that is made of lumber or pine, these items are candidates for carpenter ant infestation.

To prevent a carpenter ant infestation, watch out for water leak issues and make sure to address them. If there are cracks or openings near your piping, seal them immediately.

Powderpost Beetles

These are small insects but can create immense damage to your wooden furniture such as oak, elm, ash, etc. The furnishings that are commonly infested by powderpost beetles are kitchen cabinets, vintage furniture, wooden door frames, moulding and wooden floors. You will know if your furniture is infested by these insects if you see a tiny hole on the surface of your furniture and if there is sawdust around.

Most of the time, the infestation is encountered because the wooden piece is already infected during construction. If you are experiencing beetle infestation in your home, then call professional pest control to treat these insects and apply preventative measures to avoid future infestation.

You know that you are experiencing insect infestation in your property when you notice the following: holes in your wooden furnishing, crumbling wood, bore dust, weak floorboards or annoying or unusual sound inside or behind your wooden furniture. Once you are able to identify the type of insect you are dealing with, it’s important to treat them immediately. If left untreated, you may be facing costly repairs or replacement for your wooden items.