The Bed As Storage Space

This type of bed has several advantages in the development of our children:

The Bed As Storage Space: Is It A Good Idea?

However many cupboards that we have at home never seem enough. A double bed takes up a lot of space in the whole room and making the hole profitable under it seems an excellent option ( a priori ), although a series of factors must be taken into account when doing so.


The only place where none of the three organizers consulted recommends a chest-like kids beds with storage is in the children’s room. “A box-spring should not contain toys that the child wants to take because of the danger of trying to open it and stay in. Of course, it is a space to take advantage of, but I prefer to keep only things that are boring, as bed linen or accessories or baby accessories, in case of not having another space for it “, summarizes Maria Gallay.

“Children’s toys must be accessible, which helps them to improve their autonomy and self-esteem and allows parents to entrust them with responsibilities gradually,”…

What Is A Montessori Bed?

Beds considered as Montessori beds are those that allow your child to use them without your help. They are low beds, often at ground level, that eliminate the architectural barriers so that the children can enter or leave at will.

This type of bed has several advantages in the development of our children:

They stimulate autonomy and independence: they adapt to the size of your children, but also to the level of their development. They allow the child to have more confidence at an earlier age. This will make you discover your environment in a more natural and fast way. Also, going to bed or getting up when he wants, will make him make decisions autonomously.

They are very safe beds: they are practically at ground level. Therefore, falls are avoided to the maximum.

They promote learning: infant cribs limit the freedom of movement of babies. Being locked does not like anyone, nor the little ones. The Montessori beds give absolute freedom of movement. Also, they can discover the environment without adults. Therefore, these beds encourage autonomous learning.

The New Montessori Models from Bainba

Having clear and the advantages and benefits of these beds, let’s move on to the important, the beautiful models of Montessori beds Baba. On this occasion, they give us three different options. On the one hand, there is the Montessori Nube Children’s Bed.

As its name suggests, the structure of this bed looks like a cloud taken from the blue sky. A fluffy cloud that does not rise too much from the ground. Design at a low height so that the kids of the house can go up and down and comfortably.